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September 1st – 5th

Join us for our Virtual Open Day on May 27th!

Congratulations! You’ve found our Virtual Open Day! The journey begins . . .

In the first week of September Eastern College Australia & Melbourne School of Theology are hosting a combined Virtual Open Week!

This is the perfect opportunity to begin exploring our range of studies and flexible pathways to find what may suit you or just enjoy our program of excellent webinars.

If you want to be equipped for your career and grow spiritually, you’ve come to the right place.

Stay tuned for something exciting!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us today! Email info@eastern.edu.au or give us a call on 9790 9200.

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#1 Join from anywhere – anytime!

Whether you’re at home, in an office, library, or even overseas, you can join us from wherever you are! All you need is a smartphone or computer, and you can join us any time during the week.

#2 Your questions answered by real people

Throughout the week, there will be a dedicated team of real people available to chat with you and answer any questions that you may have. You also have the opportunity to book an appointment with us for a time that suits you.

#3 Find the Information that You’re Looking For

No matter whether you know exactly what you would like to study, or perhaps you have no idea, we have all the relevant information at your fingertips. There will be a series of videos, interactive webinars, and brochures available and even a team of people to help you out if you need.

#4 Interactive real-time webinars

These informative webinars are the perfect opportunity to taste what it’s like to learn with our lecturers. The sessions are designed to be interactive and we encourage you to engage and ask any questions that you may have.

#5 Have a taste of our community

Community is an important aspect of studying with us so we encourage you to join our Virtual Open Week to see how Eastern could be the right fit for you. You can talk to current students about what it’s like to study with us and learn more about Eastern’s student experience.

Join us to explore the range of career options available to you. See where a course with Eastern can take you.


Pastoral Care & Chaplaincy - Christ centred care

Speaker: Dr Tom Kimber

10AM - 10.50AM

Do you want to turn your heart for those who are hurting into a biblically grounded practice of care?  The areas of Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy are similar in their nature of yearning to journey with and care for people in our communities. Dr Tom Kimber, lecturer in Pastoral Theology and holding over 30 years of experience, will be speaking about how these important roles relate to God’s heart, spiritual formation and the wellbeing of humankind. 

Serving Jesus in a Global World

Speaker: Dr David Ng

11.15AM - 12.05pM

What does it mean to serve Jesus in an increasingly complex world? Why and how should we adapt our service to Him in this interconnected world? Join David Ng, MST’s Program Leader for the Master of Missional Leadership award as he reflects on these questions in light of God’s Word and the world in which we live.

Why Australia needs more teachers who love Jesus

Speaker: Jacqui Stok

2pM - 2.50pm

The need for teachers in Australia is ever growing as education in our nation continues to shift and change. Less often mentioned is the immense need for educators with a strong faith in Christ. If you have a passion to become a teacher, we’d love for you to come and hear from our Education Program Facilitator Jacqui Stock, as she begins to unpack this hot topic and explores the Biblical basis of being a teacher in our world today.

Counselling driven by Christian values

Speaker: Dr Julie Morsillo

3.15pM - 4.05pM

Does your heart yearn to help others through challenges in life? Are you considering being trained and equipped to become a counsellor driven by Christian values? What’s the difference between counselling from a Christian perspective and secular counselling? Join Julie to explore how we can use our Christian values of Christ-like empathy to support others and help them to find hope and wellbeing in their life. This webinar will be valuable for anyone who works with people, in ministry or pastoral roles, and both practicing and aspiring counsellors. Explore how your Christian convictions can be paired with counselling.

Do variances between the Gospels indicate unreliability?

Speaker: Dr Greg Forbes

4.30pM - 5.20pM

What is the theological importance of the differences between the Gospels? Do these variances call their reliability into account? How do they fit with our belief in an inspired text? Greg has been a part of the MST story for over 35 years and brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, wisdom and clarity to understanding and applying the Bible to our lives, ministry, work and faith. Come and explore this topic with Greg as he teaches the Bible in a way that unpacks theological concepts and seeks to equip you to ‘…correctly handle the Word of truth.’ 2 Tim 2:15

Christians in Leadership

Speaker: Principal Tim Meyers

5.30pM - 6.20pM

Looking to be further equipped for leadership? Perhaps in your Church, workplace, or ministry? Maybe you’re even wondering if you could ever even BE a leader? Come join MST’s Principal Tim Meyers as he speaks into these areas and more. Tim has a wealth of training, expertise and experience in the area of Leadership and Mission, having grown up on the Mission field in PNG, and being a senior leader of local Churches as well as Christian and Mission organisations.  

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